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Momentous is a science-based wellness and nutrition company delivering cutting-edge, high quality products to the market backed by thought leaders, professional athletes, and organizations demanding peak performance.

Momentous empowers the relentless pursuit of progress in health and human performance. By working with leading experts at the intersection of science and athletics, Momentous taps into the latest research and real-world experiences to create a portfolio designed with one common goal—to help you be your best. Momentous has become the first supplement brand to work directly with professionals from the NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, and now partners with ~200 professional and collegiate sports teams to create formulations driving optimal performance while leveraging its nine innovation contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense. Multi-year, integrated partnerships with thought leaders and organizations within the health and wellness space including Crossfit, Dr. Andrew Huberman (Huberman Labs), Tim Ferriss (4-Hour. Work Week), Kelly Starrett (The Ready State), Andy Galpin (kinesiology expert) and Stacy Sims (physiology expert) further underpin the brand’s high growth and differentiated offering. Products are sourced at the highest quality and undergo rigorous independent testing to adhere to the highest industry standards, reflected in certifications from NSF and Informed Sport. Momentous stands as a trusted entity in the health and wellness space, driven by a dedication to scientific integrity and performance excellence.

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