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Urbanic plans to blend AI-driven innovation with values-based initiatives, engage conscientious consumers, and create an impact beyond fashion.

The brand’s key assets lie in its AI and machine learning-based models. These tools enable the systematic generation of fashion designs and AIGC-based creatives and content while enhancing supply chain efficiency, aligning with the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility by reducing waste through designs aligned with actual demand. Urbanic is committed to social responsibility and has recently launched many initiatives to further this objective. Urbanic launched an Urbanic Oasis initiative in collaboration with the NGO Florestas Inteligentes to plant one million trees in Latin America to expand to more developing countries in the next five years. Additionally, the Company launched a program in collaboration with Earthangels Welfare Foundation aimed at teaching English to children and youth in economically deprived areas, and similarly, the company is working closely with Pequeños Hermanos Mexico, a non-profit that brings education to underprivileged kids. Urbanic is always committed to achieving plastic neutrality and is exploring using biodegradable and recycled packaging materials.

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